Whether kayak fishing these days is a sport that’s growing at the pace it used to, or at a slower pace is a question that remains to be answered. In any case, many people are still interested in fishing from kayaks, whether they already practice it or would like to.
Kayak fishing is a cool, tempting idea – in principle, but for most people who try it, reality is quite different:
The majority of fishing kayaks offered today are sit-in and sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks rigged with at least one rod holder.  Being traditional kayaks, they are basically unfit for long paddling and fishing trips, because of poor ergonomics, that is since the level of comfort they offer is too low to enable an average person to feel comfortable long enough to enjoy themselves.
This website offers a collection of articles, reviews, movies and links related to kayak fishing. This information should enable prospecting kayak anglers to make informed decisions when looking for a new fishing kayak, as well as when they plan to rig their new kayak for fishing.

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Questions about rigging your kayak for fishing? - "Let me tell you how to do it!"

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