A seat for my fishing kayak?

The Kayak Fishing 101 website is dedicated to helping the beginning kayak angler, and one of the questions that some new Wavewalk anglers ask themselves is “Do I need to outfit my W with a seat?” By seat they mean an additional seating device on top of the W saddle-seat. Typically, such thoughts about ‘upgrading’ revolve around a swivel seat “bass boat style”, or something more simple.

There is no such need in reality, unless you want to sit much higher in a position that’s intermediary between sitting and standing, but since outfitting a kayak for fishing is a lot of fun, beginning anglers are sometimes motivated to overdo things.

There is no point in discussing in detail all the possibilities for outfitting a Wavewalk TM fishing kayak with an extra seat , but if the reader is interested in getting more information on this subject, and who knows – maybe some inspiration, they can find dozens of kayak seat articles and reviews on the Wavewalk website »


Tandem Paddling and Catching Bass

Absolutely love the W fishing kayak!!

There have been no problems with my back since I’ve started using it.

Being able to stand up is absolutely the best part about it!

My girl and I have been out every weekend the last 6 weeks and are going strong.

Tandem paddling was really easy too.

The Wavewalk was a godsend for me, and was the only way I could have gotten back on the water in a kayak.

The bass in the picture I caught yesterday on a place called Round lake in eastern NY. It weighed almost 6 lbs.

Keep in touch…thanks for everything,


young kayak fisherman showing 6 lbs bass caught in Round lake, eastern New York