Kayaking and Kayak Fishing for Kids and Teens

While it is true that the vast majority of kayakers and kayak anglers today are adults and seniors, as has been the case since the advent of modern kayaking, this need not be the case. The revolutionary new W Fishing Kayak makes kayaking and kayak fishing for younger users not only easier but actually fun, in contrast to the tedium of using old fashioned kayaks. Youth kayak fishing is a new website that highlights kayaking and kayak fishing among kids and teens, check it out!

High Elevation Kayak Fishing, CA

Decided to bring the kayak to Mammoth Lakes, CA for a few days. I also hauled along my electric trolling motor, only to discover that motors are not allowed on the lake I was fishing in. Will test out down here locally. I used Kayak and caught fish out of it. Forgot camera the day I caught most of the fish…but got some nice shots of bow out on the water and snow covered mountains. No problem with the kayak at on waters 8892 feet elevation.


Lake Mamie at 8898 feet elevation in Mammoth Lakes CA. Beautiful day!

Southern Cal. Wavewalk Kayaks

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fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fish caught in kayak fishing trip in Mammoth lakes

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

Rigging and Kayak Fishing with Craig, TX

Craig, Texas

Finally managed to get into the water this weekend! Saturday was a solo venture but on Sunday I brought my daughter with me. It is all you told me it was. Given my lack of experience, I was shocked at how easy it was to get around. Even with my 5’7″ fourteen year old daughter with me it was VERY stable. She wants one of her own now. I told her she could practice with mine and if she wanted to get into it, we’d talk.

I also built a prototype dolly. Water is about 200 yards from my house and needed a way to role it over. See pics. Making revisions and will make the final build this weekend. Is just swings up out of the way when you get to the water. Going to go with some lighter wheels and get rid of the metal eye hooks, but the concept works great. Kinda heavy at this point, but the revisions should knock a few pounds off. It got me to the water, which is the point of a dolly.

Also started working on a “roof.” Its coming along great and will forward pics. I think it will be a nice way to keep the sun off me when our fishing.

fishing kayak transportation wheels - up position

fishing kayak transportation wheels - down position

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W Fishing Kayaks at Castaway Kids Jubilee

This Saturday, June 2, 2012, Susie and I offered our W Fishing Kayaks and help to the “Castaway Kids” end of year jubilee in honor of scholarship students. Castaway Kids is the name of a nonprofit organization consisting of American, Canadian, and Mexican volunteers and donors from San Carlos/ Guaymas, Sonora-Mexico, helping bestow scholarships for kids from families that can’t afford additional education and have shown initiative and commitment to continue with schooling. Approximately 70 kids 14-20 yrs of age participated in the celebration.

The beach party was held at “Zorro Beach” (Mask of Zorro 1998 movie was filmed here), and the kayak activity was coordinated by Ian Vowles who heads up our “Seafarin Kayakers” group.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


Sonora Fishing Kayaks

kayak party in Zorro Beach - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

paddling fishing kayaks in Zorro Beach - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

Tandem paddling in fishing kayak - Sea of Cortez

Tandem paddling in fishing kayak - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

Zorro Beach, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Kayak Fishing With John in WI

We decided do a bit of kayaking today because the weather was amazing here in Wisconsin. Today we kayaked along the Kettle Moraine Loew lake unit – Oconomowoc river.

We tried a little fishing and my brother caught his first fish in a Wavewalk.

He said that these kayaks make pretty good fishing vessels…

I said you don’t have to tell me that!

We also had to do the “limbo” today to get under a bridge. Don’t try this in a conventional kayak! It may be difficult to keep your balance laying down and getting up again.



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Steve's first bass in a Wavewalk fishing kayak

Oconomowoc river fishing

limbo in a wavewalk fishing kayak

limbo in a wavewalk fishing kayak

large mouth bass in a Wavewalk

kayaking the Oconomowoc river

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