Kayaking and Kayak Fishing for Kids and Teens

While it is true that the vast majority of kayakers and kayak anglers today are adults and seniors, as has been the case since the advent of modern kayaking, this need not be the case. The revolutionary new W Fishing Kayak makes kayaking and kayak fishing for younger users not only easier but actually fun, in contrast to the tedium of using old fashioned kayaks. Youth kayak fishing is a new website that highlights kayaking and kayak fishing among kids and teens, check it out!

W Kayak Easy Even for Children

Today I stumbled on an old picture of my two kids paddling the W Fishing Kayak [then known as the ‘W Boat’ in the winter of 2003-2004. At the time we lived in West Newton, Massachusetts.


The one in the back is the older, who was eight years old back then, and the one standing in the front and pretending to be a pirate, or a viking, is the younger, who was about five years old.

It was their first time to paddle in tandem on their own, without an adult on board.

Later, in the years that followed, I tried many times to get them to paddle traditional kayaks, but they wouldn’t, because according to them, (quote) “these kayaks are crappy”.

Once, after nagging a lot, I managed to get these two to try a friend’s sit-in kayak – After all, being the children of a kayak designer, they had to know all about kayaks, right?…

They took turns paddling that small kayak (couple minutes each), and they got really mad at me, and I got mad at them, and that was the end of yet another lackluster ‘educational experiment’, in a series including having them eat spinach (it has a lot of iron, you know!..) etc.

You get the point.

As for myself, I’ve tried paddling all sorts of traditional kayaks, and I all I have to say is that these two were right.