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Night Fishing in the Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak, Florida

It was too windy to fish in the river so I stayed in the lagoon by where my friend lets me keep my “W” kayak on his floating dock. I had been out in the morning about 7:30 AM and … Continue reading

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Shallow Water Kayak Fishing – Bluegills in Wisconsin

My W fishing kayak allowed me to get into some Bluegills. A regular boat would have spooked the fish, that’s if a boat would have been able to get to this spot in the first place. I was able to … Continue reading

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Attaching Gear To Your Fishing Kayak – The Easy Way. By Gary Rankel

Having seen some of the elaborate modifications W fishing kayak owners employ to attach paddles and other gizmos to their W’s, I thought I’d share a really easy, low-cost, no-weight method that I use. When I first got my W’s, … Continue reading

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DIY Wooden Paddle For Poling and Paddling Standing In Fishing Kayak

I finally finished that paddle I’ve been building forever, and have paddled it a bit. It’s working out quite well for the W kayak. I laminated the shaft out of one layer of poplar in the center for stiffness, and … Continue reading

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Choosing a Fishing Kayak: The Mobility Factor

When you come to choosing a fishing kayak, some important factors are simply not discussed by kayak vendors, just because the kayaks they produce rank so low in them. Mobility is such a factor that you won’t find mentioned anywhere, … Continue reading

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