Wavewalk® Kayaks and Skiffs

Wavewalk design and manufactures kayaks and car-top boats that provide unrivaled performance in fishing, paddling and motorizing: You can launch, go, fish and beach anywhere while staying dry and comfortable.
The kayaks lend themselves to outfitting with various types of fishing gear (rod holders, electronics, etc.), with motors (outboard gas motors and electric trolling motors), platforms, etc.

Main Features and Benefits

Twin Hull (Catamaran)–

This design results in unrivaled stability as the boat’s buoyancy is ‘pushed’ to its sides rather than being wasted along its center line, where it would contribute nothing in terms of improving lateral stability – primary (initial) and secondary.
Passengers can stand in these boats with their feet at the bottom of the hulls, below waterline, for maximum stability and balance.
The stability effect is so strong that any person who’s able to fish standing in a regular size Jon boat can do it in a Wavewalk® 700 too. The Wavewalk® S4 is more stable than Jon boats and micro skiffs of similar size as well as bigger ones.
Paddling a Wavewalk® 700 or 500 while standing is intuitive and easy for most people, even if they’re not fit, lightweight, or young.
The boat’s two narrow, straight and parallel hulls create minimal resistance as they move through the water, and they deliver excellent tracking, which is why no one needs to outfit their Wavewalk with a rudder unless they want to sail it.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Saddle Seat –

The W700, W500 and S4 longitudinal saddles free their passengers from back pain. This type of seat seat provides full comfort as well as optimal balance to all types of passengers, regardless of their age, weight, height, overall size and fitness level. This includes middle aged, elderly, big, heavy and disabled people, and small children.
The saddle offers the user to move fore and aft easily and swiftly, and by doing so relocate the boat’s Center of Gravity (CG), which works as effective means to control directional stability (tracking) in strong wind, and a way to enable the user to get the boat to go over obstacles.

Large Size Cockpit –

The Wavewalk cockpit is unique in that it offers easy, walk-in entry from its rear, and easy step-out exiting from its front. This eliminates the need for passengers to step in water. Generous free board keeps the passengers dry in the chop.
A unique, lightweight, detachable spray shield offers additional protection while you drive in the chop.
The W700 cockpit is spacious enough for two full size anglers to fish from comfortably, and to store plenty of gear on board, for fishing and camping. In this sense the W700 is much like a canoe. The S4 can take on board three fishermen and their gear –

Lightweight With Optimal Dimensions

The W700 R weighs merely 80 lbs, so it is easy for one person to car-top. The fact that its beam (width) is just 31″ (79 cm) makes it an easy and effective kayak (or canoe) for a solo paddler as well as a tandem crew. This boat can accommodate even three small-size paddlers.

The S4 weighs a little less than 100 lbs, and it has a load capacity of over 600 lbs. This load to weight ratio is unrivaled.

Motorizing In Full Comfort –

Outfitting a W700 with a Wavewalk® motor mount is easy and takes only a couple of minutes.  Wavewalk offers a Heavy Duty (HD) motor mount that works with outboard gas motors up to 4 hp.
The W700 is easy and intuitive to drive, even in choppy water, and driving the S4 in rough water is pure fun –

The Wavewalk® joystick steering system is fun to drive with, both seated and standing.
Switching between driving and paddling and vice versa is intuitive and immediate, which is an advantage when you need to fish in shallow water, grass and weeds. It’s also an advantage since you can launch and beach this boat anywhere, including where other kayaks won’t work.

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